Feist is an independently developed computer game for PC and Mac featuring unique painted visuals and a dynamic, action-packed gameplay. Feist is still in development and to be released soon, a special version of Feist is already touring festivals around the world.


Feist Progress Update & Steam Announcement (on November 25th, 2014) « 2014 is approaching its end and it has been a quiet year for Feist. Quiet, but not idle, as we’ve been working on Feist continually. The content and features have since been locked down and we’re currently working on the last parts of the levels and the narrative arc of the game. We’re happy we are nearing […] »

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You can get in touch with the Feist Team by mail or contact Florian or Adrian directly. We’re open to speaking engagements and exhibiting Feist at international festivals but please remember that we’re not all that good at singing.