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« Don’t worry, we’re getting there! » – Ancient ludic proverb

About two years ago, we’ve set out to journey the forests of FEIST and we’re still making our way through the underbrush. The way we’ve traveled has been long and there has been a lot we’ve learned and many interesting forest people we’ve encountered on the way. But we’re not yet satisfied, it’s not yet time to return home and call it a day. The forest still harbors secrets we’ve not yet dared to touch and therefore we ask all of you to give us some more of your patience as we venture even deeper into the parts where the trees stand so close they almost touch and the light of the sun never reaches their roots.

But today, we want to send you a signal that tells of our adventures of the months past.

First, we invite you to take a look at our old trailers (trailer 1 and trailer 2), just to give you some perspective on the path we’ve traveled so far. Then we present you our newest trailer, telling of our newest discoveries in the curious woods we travel:

You can download different sizes of the trailer here (all h264 MP4): 320p, 480p, 720p (through Vimeo)

Finally, we hope that our messages will reach you more reliably as we get closer to uncover what lies at the heart of this forest. Stay alert!

19 Responses to “New Trailer!”

  1. michael t says:

    sooooooooo want to play this
    hope it is either web-based or mac compatible (or runs under crossover games)

    looks like a ton of fun

    keep up the good work

  2. Tayron says:

    awesome!:D can’t wait to play it:D I’m gonna dual boot my PC to play the old Mac demo:)

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  4. Passerby says:

    thanks keep up the good work and hopefully get a release out soon

  5. nehemiah says:

    wow, some people ^ don’t know this game started out ONLY on the Mac. Speaking of which, UNITY Is FREE!!!!

  6. Comrade says:

    Nice! really looking forward to this now. That AI was actually pretty impressive how they new something was around to kick away or pick up and throw. I liked that one clip were the bad guy smacked the box out of the hands of the player and it flew away. I could just imagine how frustrating and at the same time awesome thats going to be.

    BTW is it pronounce F-eye-st or is it like the word Feast?

  7. chen says:

    where can i download it ?

  8. Adrian says:

    Thanks for your comments!

    FEIST is pronounced F-eye-st and related to the german word “feist” or the english word “feisty”.

    The game will initially be released on digital distribution platforms for Mac and PC – when it’s ready.

  9. Michisan says:

    wow, looks great.
    some awesome progress there.
    I so cannnot wait to play this one.
    good job, guys. hoping for a release anytime soon

  10. gal.eon says:

    It looks very cool! Great job! I can’t wait to see the final product.

  11. […] Feist est un projet qui a été lancé en 2008, il a depuis accumulé les récompenses et les nominations dans les festivals. Nous sommes en 2010 et 2 ans ça commence à faire, mais le tout étant très prometteur, on prends son mal en patience. On savoure donc le dernier trailer des aventures de cette petite boule de poils en attendant plus d’informations concernant une sortie, prévue sur Mac et Pc. Vous allez pouvoir vous faire une idée des changements que subit le jeu depuis ses débuts avec ces vidéos: on y voit clairement le travail fait sur l’ambiance, les musiques, la physique etc… […]

  12. Sigurd says:

    This is beautiful! Can’t wait to get my hands on the game when it’s out. Awsome work:)

    Ps: You should update the blog more. Let the readers know whats going on, Haha!

  13. Bob says:


    When technology meets poetry…



  14. Maarten says:

    CAN WE ALREADY PLAY????????????????????????

    PS looks very nice

  15. Snedje says:

    I noticed it’s some time since the last update. How is it going and what’s happening with the development? Are you getting closer to a release?:) I’m curious!
    Looking forward to your response and in the meanwhile, good luck!


  16. Brady says:

    Looking good. I had forgotten about this game until today when I read about the release of Limbo, and Xbox Live Arcade title, later this month. Looks like it’s going in a similar direction with the dark silhouette art style/design.

    Would be great if Feist gets released on Steam!

  17. leavebritneyalone says:

    This looks really nice… could you tell me the name of the song? I know its by Podington Bear but I’d like to know which song it is..

  18. Mr. Reeee says:

    I played the original Mac demo when it was first released and loved it!
    Can’t wait for the real thing!

    Since it’s done with Unity, WHEN will we see a Universal iOS app? An iPad version would be sufficient, though!

    There’s a copycat iPad game out, though. Trundle HD. It’s not as nice or witty as Feist. You guys need to step on it!

  19. FullmetalX10 says:

    I really hope this is going to be on the Playstation Network as well, cuz’ this looks freaking awesome, I’d definitely buy it.

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