Happy New Year, Happy 2011!

Dear Friends

Yes, it’s true, the FEIST blog was far too long marked with discreetness and has not shown that many signs of life during good old 2010, nor have we spammed you extensively with our exuberant newsletter. So, what was the reason for this ruthless withdrawal of love and affection? Have we been lazy? No. Complety lost? Well… Or was it our shyness? Hm, more probably.

Anyway, because a lot of people asked us recently about the state of FEIST and some jaunty fellows even dared to query wether the furry beast is still alive, you may be glad to hear two of our new year’s resolutions:

First: Yes, FEIST is alive, hale and hearty. Sometimes even too lively, it is a vivacious and feisty creature with unbending will. But in the end 2011 will be the year of FEIST. Yes, you hear us right, in 2011 we re going to finish this beast!

Second: To make the coming year less tight-lipped and to dispel the rumor that we spent the whole last year pressing FEIST button badges (see picture below), we start off with a series of posts to welcome the New Year and to look back on the one just passed.

So we are really looking forward to an exciting and colorful new year. We hope this is true for you as well and wish you happiness, love, fulfillment, good fortune and all the best for 2011!

Happy New Year and Cheers
Adrian & Florian

This year we gonna pin up FEIST!

7 Responses to “Happy New Year, Happy 2011!”

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  2. FullmetalX10 says:

    Happy New Year guys!
    And good luck with finishing the game, I’m sure it’ll turn out great 😀

  3. it’s so cool!
    we have waited for a long time~~

  4. kaicooper says:

    hi guys..
    i just saw a short gameplay on Youtube..
    so Feist not released yet?? and u mean in the
    end of 2011 u’ll release it..?

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  6. teeheehee says:

    Game looks very cool. I hope it comes to XBLA, day one in that case.

  7. Bobbe says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impsioslbe.

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