Review Roundup


Feist is available on Steam, GOG, Humble and Itch since last Thursday and there has already been a slew of reviews talking about it! Here’s just a selection:

Game Review: Feist by Nouse
«Indeed, Feist succeeds in bucking the trend, providing an experience that manages to display creative skill while also being extremely fun.»

If a Tree Falls in the Woods – Feist Review by ClickIndie
«Feist is handmade like an Aston Martin or a bespoke suit, finely crafted like small-batch bourbon, imagined as art, loved as a child.»

Feist: A Prickly Pre-Release Review by IndieRuckus
«Its a speedy roll through a tranquil forest, a haunting, frill-free title whose aesthetic will cling to you long after you’ve completed it.»

Review: Feist by Vox Ludi
«If you’re interested in a game with fantastic art style and ambience, this short romp will leave you mesmerized.»

Feist (PC) – Review by VGChartz
«This carves the way for intense and often evolving enemy encounters that force you to make quick but intelligent decisions.»

Feist by PCGamer
«At a time when the word ‘survival’ is bandied about frequently in relation to PC games, Feist offers a stranger, much rawer take on the concept.»

And some reviews we could only barley understand with Google Translate:

Review: Feist by Game4Me
«9 – Subliem»

[Review] FEIST possui uma alma além da obscuridade by Joguindie

Feist – Provato by Gamer’s Paradise

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