Controller F.A.Q.

Q: Which controllers are supported by Feist?

A: Feist supports all controllers supported by Unity. The controller needs to provide the necessary standard buttons and/or axes.

Controllers with non-standard axes (i.e. not 0 at rest and in the range from -1 to 1) might cause issues or the respective axes will be ignored. This includes some D-Pads and Hats that are not represented as standard buttons or axes.

Feist includes mappings for some existing controllers. The mappings are based on Rewired’s non-native mappings, a list of them can be found in Rewired’s Documentation. Note that Feist’s support is limited to the «Linux Fallback» and «Webplayer» columns.

Controllers without an included mapping will have to be configured in Feist’s option before being usable.

Q: My controller doesn’t do anything!

A: Go to the «controls» menu in Feist’s options and check if there’s a «joystick and gamepad» option at the bottom. If the option doesn’t appear that means your controller wasn’t recognized by Unity.

Feist does not support controller hot plugging, so make sure your controller is plugged in and loaded before you launch Feist.

You might have to install a driver for your controller, check Rewired’s Documentation for any caveats (note that for Feist only the «Linux Fallback» and «Webplayer» columns apply).

Q: The mapping is awkward on my controller!

A: You can configure the mapping in Feist’s options by going to «controls» and then to «joystick and gamepad».

Q: I can’t use the menu because it constantly cycles through the options!

A: A non-standard axis on your controller was probably mapped to a menu input and the game thinks a menu button is constantly held down.

You can load a null mapping that does not map anything by holding G + P and pressing N. The gamepad should stop working at that point and you can navigate the menus using the keyboard. Go to the «joystick and gamepad» menu under «controls» in Feist’s options and set up your controller from scratch.

Q: My controller still doesn’t work!

A: Please get in contact with us via and we’ll help you.

Please include the exact model of your controller as well as the operating system version you’re trying to use it on. Also try to include a screenshot of the gamepad debug output, activated while in the game by holding G + P and pressing D.

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