Best in Play!

Together with our swiss friends from Blindflug we have been awarded Best in Play by the GDC Play jury. We are looking forward to San Francisco, wow, it’s only two weeks!

Time to post some fireworks that happened in front of our studio at Pfingstweid (captured by Nicolas Büchi, lead tester & head of facility management at Feist).


GDC Play & New Video

We will be at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and Feist will be shown as part of the GDC Play exhibition. Do stop by at booth PL419 and try out the latest build!

As we’re preparing Feist for release, we’re looking for help marketing and/or publishing the game. If you think you could help us or know anyone that would be a great fit, please let us know!

The video above shows in-game footage from our latest build and the music from Tomek Kolczynski’s soundtrack for Feist. It has been a while since the last video and the game has changed tremendously. We hope you like how Feist’s grown.

The Music of Feist

As we write this, the soundtrack of Feist is nearing completion. Wow! We’re really happy how great it turned out and can’t wait to give you a preview in our upcoming trailer. The man behind the music is Tomek Kolczynski, who has done a marvelous job over the last months, composing a delicate and courageous soundtrack, which is able to refine the mood and atmosphere of Feist and at the same time brings the experience of the game to a whole new level.

Tomek is a musician and composer from Basel in Switzerland, his latest works include the music for the play «Volksrepublik Volkswagen» at the Schauspiel Hannover, the soundtrack for the documentary film «Journey to the Safest Place on Earth» or the J.S. Bach remix project «bachSpace». Check out his homepage Kold, where you can get more info and listen to more of his work.


If you’ve ever seen an earlier trailer of Feist or managed to play it at an exhibition, then you’ve heard the music of Portland-based musician Podington Bear, who graciously allowed us to use his tracks for the pre-release version. He made the great Sound of Picture production library with a ton of songs that can be used for free in non-commercial projects and licensed easily for commercial work. Also check out his homepage, where you can buy the Podington Bear albums and box set.

Feist Progress Update & Steam Announcement

2014 is approaching its end and it has been a quiet year for Feist. Quiet, but not idle, as we’ve been working on Feist continually. The content and features have since been locked down and we’re currently working on the last parts of the levels and the narrative arc of the game.

We’re happy we are nearing completion of the levels but it’s still a bit too early to talk about a concrete timeline for Feist’s release. There’s a lot of testing and fine-tuning ahead of us and we anticipate that we’ll need to adapt and change some parts in response to the testing feedback we’ll get. We’re also working on some neglected visual aspects so that we’ll be able to update our screenshots and footage.

What we’re happy to announce right now is that Feist will be available on Steam. We’ve been in contact with Valve and they swiftly invited us to Steamworks and the necessary paperwork has already been completed. We’re aiming to release Feist on online stores besides Steam but don’t have any details to announce yet.

Working on the levels, we decided we didn’t want to pad out them game by repeating different elements in too many configurations. Instead, we tried to keep the levels compact and varied. We expect a play time of about two hours for experienced players and hope that the density encourages people to actually finish the game.

Many of you who have been sticking with us have probably become frustrated by the ongoing wait. There have been many times we ourselves have been frustrated with our pace of progression but we don’t want to cut any corners and with just the two of us most things take much longer than anticipated. We’d like to thank all of you who’re still looking forward to Feist and hope to make the wait worth the while.



Bits and Beasts

The Feist team, together with Mario von Rickenbach, will receive the cultural advancement award of the Alexander Clavel Foundation for the year 2013. To celebrate the award, an exhibition will take place from the 7th to the 9th of June at the Villa Wenkenhof in Riehen near Basel, Switzerland.

The exhibition will feature a selection of games from the three award recipients as well as a game created especially for the occasion.




A new version of Feist will be part of the exhibition, also a world premiere as we haven’t had a chance to compile the latest development into a exhibition version for a while. The new version will show the extensive overhaul of almost all parts of the game that we’ve been working on and represents a big step towards getting Feist ready for its release.

We hope you’ll be able to join us at the historic Villa Wenkenhof to play the latest versions of our games.

Refer to the exhibition flyer for details.

Update: The exhibition is over. Here are some images from the games and the unique location they were shown in.