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Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The Feist team, together with Mario von Rickenbach, will receive the cultural advancement award of the Alexander Clavel Foundation for the year 2013. To celebrate the award, an exhibition will take place from the 7th to the 9th of June at the Villa Wenkenhof in Riehen near Basel, Switzerland.

The exhibition will feature a selection of games from the three award recipients as well as a game created especially for the occasion.


A new version of Feist will be part of the exhibition, also a world premiere as we haven’t had a chance to compile the latest development into a exhibition version for a while. The new version will show the extensive overhaul of almost all parts of the game that we’ve been working on and represents a big step towards getting Feist ready for its release.

We hope you’ll be able to join us at the historic Villa Wenkenhof to play the latest versions of our games.

Refer to the exhibition flyer for details.

Update: The exhibition is over. Here are some images from the games and the unique location they were shown in.







Status Update

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Greetings! The Feist team hopes everyone is doing well. At the beginning of this year, the Feist team shifted gears to focus on completing the game and has been hard at work ever since. We’re still a good way off and cautious to announce a timeframe until we’re sure we can make it. Thanks to everyone who’s waiting to play the game for their patience and understanding!

Feist is now also on Twitter, head over to @FeistGame and follow us to stay in touch!

btw, do check out the work of Mario von Rickenbach and Reto Spoerri, who have been lending a helping hand at completing the game. Mario’s Rakete has just been shown as part of IndieCade’s Night Games.

Recently, the highest skyscraper in Switzerland opened right in front of our studio. Here’s the view from its top, you can almost see us working in the red building in the center of the picture:


Swiss Games Award and Fantoche Festival

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Hey folks, I hope you noticed we touched up the place a bit, updated all the content and made space to show off more art on the homepage. So our silence didn’t mean Feist was lying dormant, oh no. We’ve been hard at work and made some serious progress in the last months. We’ve been awarded as part of the Swiss Art Council’s «Call for Projects: Swiss Games» and have been showing the latest preview of Feist at the Fantoche Festival here in Switzerland.

The Swiss Arts Council is also producing the «Swiss Game Design» traveling exhibition, which features a playable preview of Feist. This exhibition has been shown here in Switzerland and will start touring the world, stopping next in San Fancisco from the 7th to the 27th October. If you want this exhibition to come to a place near you (meaning you’ll get a chance to play Feist first hand), then you should get in touch with your closest Swiss embassy and convince them to organize a stop in your area. The exhibition does not travel on its own but it’s in the hand of the Swiss embassies to organize tour venues.

Make sure to check out the other projects that were selected as part of the «Call for Projects: Swiss Games». It’s great to see the Swiss Arts Council turning its attention to games and the small but growing Swiss game scene. We’re looking forward to see many more interesting game projects emerge from Switzerland in the future.

Do check out our redesigned homepage while we prepare more stuff to show you in the near future.

21st January 2011: House of Electronic Arts Basel

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

We are looking forward to an upcoming exhibition in the lovely city of Basel (Isn’t that somewhere in Switzerland?): A playable version of FEIST will be shown at the Night of Museums on the 21st January 2011 in the House of Electronic Arts Basel.

The interactive exhibition showing several Swiss computer games and projects is a preview of the “Swiss Game Design” travelling exhibition and part of the Game Culture program by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

The host of the exhibition, The House of Electronic Arts Basel, is a museum of contemporary arts and music that applies and addresses new technologies. It hosts a comprehensive program of events that invite reflection on the cultural and social impact of our everyday use of media. It also fosters an ever growing in-house collection of digital artworks, holds the annual Shift Festival in October and unites []Shift Festival and DA Collection/Store.

Florian will be there, as he is giving a talk about “Innovative Games beyond Mainstream” (did i really choose this title? I must have been drunk…) (it starts at 21:00 & 24:00) and is looking forward to meeting you.

Work in Progress

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

This post is part of the FEIST 2011 New Year welcoming. Why not read the introduction first?

Over the last few months we have been working mainly on aspects that allow us to enhance the game experience and intensify the narrative dimension of the game without losing its experimental and playful nature. Really? Yes. No joking? Nope. But… Hey, come on, just read on! ok…

As you hopefully have read in the previous post, FEIST is at a point where it is being shown at various exhibitions. The version people can play there is not the final one. It’s actually some kind of a demo, that is optimized for the special context of use that comes a long with an exhibition.

The exhibition version has a short but intense playing time and gives the visitor the possibility to pick up the game at any point without getting lost. Therefore each level of the exhibition version is designed as an open playground, containing various game elements in a dense yet some what unstructured way.

We love this experimental openness and one of the crucial aspects of FEIST is doubtless its playful nature. We believe however that the true potential of FEIST lies in its combination of a dynamic and open game play and a narrative dramaturgy.

To give you an example: The Game is completely based on a physics simulation, but it should not feel like an abstract physics riddle game, of course not! – on the contrary, it should feel like a living graphic novel, where you truly empathize with its inhabitants. Therefore we describe FEIST sometimes as a “Narrative Toy”.

We think the exhibition version which only has very basic narrative elements works already quite well. We always love to watch people enjoying the game and the 2nd place in the Audience Award at Fantastic Arcade…wow! But hey, we believe there is still more in it. Much more!

So we took our time and over the last few months we have been working mainly on aspects that allow us to enhance the game experience and intensify the narrative dimension of the game without losing its experimental and playful nature: reshaping the levels, creating more striking and memorable places, increasing the variety in the setting and elements, staging the objects and especially the creatures with more dramaturgic finesse and so on…

This process is still going on. So we’d like to feature some of these in more detail when they’ve progressed further but for now just some sneak peeks at what we’ve been working on.